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2011 Indian Premier League Quotes


The 2011 Indian Premier League will be played from April 8, 2011 till May 22, 2011. It is the fourth season of the Indian Premier League and will feature 10 teams.

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 Our record at home is something that we can be really proud of. It is a big achievement for us but it does not mean that we can relax a bit, 
— Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Chennai Super Kings winning all their home matches in the 2011 Premier League / May 18, 2011
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 Yes this is my last year playing IPL - please come down and support RR last 2 home games v Chennai & Bangalore ! We need your help !!! 
— Shane Warne in a twitter tweet announcing his retirement from IPL / May 06, 2011
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 Shah Rukh Khan spoke to me about a possible role as mentor. I don't think Kolkata Knight Riders needs a mentor. I see no role there, 
— Sourav Ganguly denies an offer to mentor Kolkata Knight Riders / February 07, 2011