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2012 BNP Paribas Open Quotes


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 Always I believe that I can play better. But I am happy. I stayed one month and a half almost outside of competition. I came back winning a few comfortable matches in straight sets against not an easy opponent, like Marcel Granollers. 
— Rafael Nadal is happy with his performance despite his semifinal loss to Federer in Indian Wells / March 18, 2012
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 That's why I play this game, to be able to enjoy moments like that. The stadium was packed, wasn't a seat in the house, and everyone was on their feet, cheering for me, too. It was very special when that last ball went by him and I knew I had won the match. 
— John Isner after his victory against World No. 1 Novak Djokovic in the semifinal of BNP Paribas Open / March 17, 2012
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 Really it's unbelievable that I never thought I would come so far. It's been a great week so far, and it's another opportunity tomorrow to make it even more special. Obviously conditions were tough today, and against one of my greatest rivals, it's always nice if you come out on top, so I'm very, very happy. 
— Roger Federer is pleased to make it to the final at Indian Wells / March 17, 2012
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 I still have the same daily routine, same approach to my career, to the life that I'm having. I don't consider myself being in the top of the world, being untouchable or unbeatable. That's out of the question. I always try to give my 100 per cent on every practice that I have. I always wanted to have the positive mindset in preparing well for every event, for every season. I think that helps me to stay committed and focused on what I need to do. My job is to play tennis, to win matches and try to win as many titles as possible. 
— Novak Djokovic / March 09, 2012
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 I believe that the right mindset is to always try to be a part of that group of the players that is going to win the title, going to hunt that title, and that every year is different. I'm not really trying to position myself as a defending champion, because then defending is not really something that I want to have. I always try to get that aggressive approach. 
— Novak Djokovic / March 09, 2012

 My reason for playing doubles is that I didn’t play for a month… I think doubles is a good way to practise for everybody, where you can practise different movements, different shots. When you have days off [from singles], you can play an extra match. And if you lose, you have another chance to be in competition. At the same time, I’m playing with one of my best friends, so that’s another reason to play. 
— Rafael Nadal on why he is competing in Doubles event at the Indian Wells Masters / March 08, 2012
 It’s a tournament that I’ve grown to love a lot over the years... I used to like coming here, but I wasn’t a crazy golfer when I was younger or liked the peace and calmness. I was more a guy who liked New York or Miami or sort of places where something was happening, especially as a teenager, so when I came here it was almost a bit too quiet for me. As time went by, I like these weeks where it’s a bit more calm, weather’s nice, things slow down a bit before the hustle and bustle in other places… Obviously with the success that I’ve had, I started to spend more time here. I got to like it a lot. It’s a good place. 
— Roger Federer has grown to appreciate his visits to Indian Wells tournament in California / March 07, 2012