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2014 Indian General Election Quotes


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 Rs 3,000 crore Adani group swelled into an over Rs 40,000 crore after getting associated with Modi, who almost doled out 45,000 acre land at the rate of Re 1 per sq metre 
— Rahul Gandhi on Modi's association with Adani group / April 16, 2014
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 Our ideology advocates to take all the people along. We follow the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi. In our ideology there is no place for anger and anguish. 
— Rahul Gandhi / April 16, 2014
 Modiji, the leader of 'toffee' model, has given 45,000 acres of land to one industrialist. It is of the size of Aurangabad. Do you know for how much money it was given? Rs 300 crore. The whole Aurangabad was sold for Rs 300 crore, 
— Rahul Gandhi alleging that Narendra Modi has done favours to Adani group / April 15, 2014
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 Today there is 'raj' (rule) of Adaniji (in Gujarat). Earlier, there used to be Vajpayeeji-Advaniji partnership. Now there is Modiji and Gautam Adaniji partnership. And that is a 'toffee model', 
— Rahul Gandhi taking a jibe at Modi saying Modi-Advani relationship is now replaced by Modi-Adani / April 15, 2014