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2015 ICC Cricket World Cup Quotes


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 That’s definitely a goal of mine... If I can, I’d like to play till the next World Cup. We haven’t won any edition and it would be great if we did so in 2015... It would be nice if I could be a member of that team. 
— Jacques Kallis would like to play the 2015 World Cup / April 28, 2012
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 When this question was asked in 2007 [about the 2011 World Cup], it was tough for me to answer. It's the same situation: I don't know what to say about 2015. If people keep praying for me that means a lot. I will keep trying, the rest is in god's hands. I just want to enjoy the game. I don't want to set targets. 
— Sachin Tendulkar is not sure if he will play the 2015 Cricket World Cup / March 25, 2012
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 The relationship between our two countries really does have bonds of family to it. We feel like family. But just because you feel like family it doesn't mean that the relationship doesn't require effort to work. 
— Julia Gillard said of co-hosting 2015 World Cup with New Zealand / January 31, 2012
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