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21 Jump Street (2012 movie) Quotes


21 Jump Street is a 2012 action comedy film based on the TV series of the same name by Stephen J. Cannell. The film is written by Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The movie stars Jonah Hill as Morton Schmidt and Channing Tatum as Greg Jenko.

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{ Quotes from the Movie }

 Jenko: I think the dealers are the popular kids.
Schmidt: We should throw a party. That would be the quickest way to get in with them.
 Captain Dickson: Don't give nobody no drugs. No alcohol.
Schmidt: I promise you, we'll be super professional.
 Mr. Walters: Are you guys on drugs?
I don't like that. Put your tongue back in your mouth.
 Schmidt: Will you go to Prom with me? 
 Schmidt:That was a breeze.
Jenko: Oh! Sh..
Schmidt: [from the trailer] When did I get stabbed? That's AWESOME!

 Schmidt: Why do you always jump across the car like that?
Jenko: 'Cause it looks cool. You try.
 Jenko: You okay?
Schmidt: I think I crapped my pants.