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 Ellen has said she won't work with me, but quite frankly, after watching her on the stupid show, I gotta tell ya, I won't work with Ellen. She's out if I come in. 
— Howard Stern on the rumors that he was offered to judge the American Idol show / February 25, 2010
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 I read in the paper that they want to give me $100 million to judge a karaoke contest, and that seems like pretty good pay for something as dumb as that, 
— Howard Stern on the rumors that he was offered to judge the American Idol show / February 25, 2010
 I know Howard's name has been in there for a while, but I'm fairly certain that there hasn't been an approach at any time for Howard to do this show... My advice would be to find somebody who actually knows what they're talking about and has actually experienced success in the music business. I think we should have Lady Gaga. She is the most relevant pop artist in the world at the moment. I met her and she's very smart. I like her. 
— Simon Cowell wants Lady Gaga to replace him as American Idol Judge / February 22, 2010
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 I would love to do it, but I don't think I would be able to do it, I don't think I could fill Simon's shoes, but I would give it another perspective... what I want is for the kids to go from being contest participants to artists, and that's where I would come in. 
— Jamie Foxx wants to be an American Idol judge / February 01, 2010
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 If Simon goes, I go! 
— Ellen DeGeneres saying she will leave the show, if Simon Cowell quits American Idol / January 07, 2010
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 But I do think that Kara DioGuardi adds a lot to the show now. And also, it's not just a new judge. It's a new judge in the place of someone that they loved. I mean, a lot of people loved Paula, and I don't want to be the person that took Paula's job away from her. Which I wasn't. 
— Ellen DeGeneres / January 07, 2010
 Yeah, sure. And I understand it, I was one of those people that was skeptical, like, 'Why are they adding a fourth judge? I don't understand this.' 
— Ellen DeGeneres when asked if she's worried about harsh fan reactions in American Idol / January 07, 2010
 We all have friends or people that we've known that maybe they wanted to be a rock star, or be this or that, and no one ever told them that they can't... Like, 'It's just like you weren't born with pitch, so it's not going to happen and someone needs to tell you that because 15 years later you've wasted all this time and when you could have been a doctor.' 
— Katy Perry who was a guest judge for auditions to be featured on next season's American Idol show / November 17, 2009
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 What I'm looking for [in an Idol winner] is a great singer and somebody who has that star quality. It's about the whole package. 
— Victoria Beckham on what she wants to see in American Idol winner / August 07, 2009
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 I don't. I'm a spiritual person and I believe that you get back whet you put out there, and I hope she does something that is bigger and better …. There's something great for her around the corner, I'm sure. 
— Victoria Beckham when asked if she feels guilty replacing Paula Abdul as judge in American Idol / August 07, 2009