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 I have a comfort and ease in myself and an ability to tune out the unnecessary negativity and really understand that it’s all about putting love and goodness out in the world. This new American Idol gang makes me so excited because you just feel so happy. I would watch it before, me personally, and just feel so horrible for these people going out there… It just feels negative. 
— Jennifer Aniston is watching the 10th season of American Idol / February 03, 2011
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 [Steven] is so loveable and adorable and very ‘heartful,’. I don’t know how else to put it — he’s just that guy and actually Chris had told us in the audition that [Juliana] was a huge Aerosmith fan, a huge Steven Tyler fan… it just moved all of us to tears. 
— Jennifer Lopez about her co-judge on American Idol Steve Tyler / February 02, 2011
 Yeah, I feel really good about it — I feel like it’s accurate. It’s how I am, how I feel. I think the weirdest thing for me was actually being on television and not having lines or not singing a song or not doing something that was totally prepared and just being myself. I mean, I do interviews and stuff like that and I get to be myself, but this is something that is just a whole different experience for me. I am very happy with how the show is. I think it’s really funny, really fun, really emotional… and I’m enjoying every second of it. 
— Jennifer Lopez when asked if she is feeling good about herself on the show / February 02, 2011
 I think told you last time I was here how emotionally involved we are and how connected we get to the contestants. Just to see them do well and everything — and even just some of them with their stories because they have their own children – literally, it breaks my heart and it moves me so much. I’m just loving the whole experience. I’m loving be able to mentor the kids and help them through this experience. 
— Jennifer Lopez on her experience as judge of the 10th season of American Idol / February 02, 2011
 You launch these kids in to the limelight and they don’t have the training for it. And I don’t think there’s any bigger curse in life than to be famous with no money. I think that’s the devil’s work. I think this sets a lot of those kids up for that. 
— Kid Rock on the American Idol show / November 25, 2010
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 But I disagree with the process of grabbing these kids before got to experience some things and get some chops, get some scars, get some feel, hit some clubs, learn how to write a song, get kicked out a few times. 
— Kid Rock on the American Idol show / November 25, 2010
 I’m just conflicted with that whole system. I don’t knock the kids for going on American Idol, they’re just trying to be stars, get their music career. 
— Kid Rock on the American Idol show / November 25, 2010
 Don’t get mad at what we say, Get better! 
— Randy Jackson has some advice to the rejected participants of American Idol / October 01, 2010
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 It’s definitely part of a package when you’re going to be an artist, but I can’t tell you what that would be because it’s a very personal, individual thing, 
— Jennifer Lopez saying she considers looks and style as important to the participants of American Idol / October 01, 2010
 I really want to put them through the wringer in the sense that I don’t want to let anybody really great go because they’re nervous or whatever and not get to see what they could’ve been. We working with them a little more than maybe you’ve seen in the past. We give them more of a chance. 
— Jennifer Lopez says she will be tough at judging on the American Idol show / October 01, 2010