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Former Tennis Player


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 It was out of line, It was inappropriate. The night was on fire. We were all having fun. I was trying to be comedic. I only had a split second to make a decision. I went for it and it fell flat. I was trying to get past it, but Pete didn't really let me get past it. He didn't really roll with it. I've texted Pete to ask him if I can apologize in person. The joke fell flat and I'm sorry. My hope was that the night was still enjoyable. 
— Andre Agassi apologizing for making fun at Peter Sampras during a charity match / March 16, 2010
 You know, while Pete and I spent a lot of time together, we didn't really know each other. When there wasn't a net between us, there was a wall between us. 
— Andre Agassi on Pete Sampras comments / November 10, 2009
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 His caution and his words are appreciated because he's probably learning this about me now for the first time. 
— Andre Agassi on Pete Sampras comments / November 10, 2009
 We have 300 million people in this country. We got to get the racquet into more kids' hands. 
— Andre Agassi on lack of American starts after Serena and Venus Williams and Andy Roddick. / October 2009
 I'm so happy for you, man 
— Andre Agassi presenting Roger Federer, the 2009 French Open trophy / June 07, 2009

 I'll be pulling for Roger on Sunday. He is extraordinarily talented, and the grace and the way he plays is very special to see. If it wasn't for a freak of nature from Majorca, he could have won this many times. 
— Andre Agassi saying he will root for Roger Federer to win the 2009 French Open / June 06, 2009
 It's something that I am so proud of because every surface, and all the different conditions, demands so much of you mentally and physically and reward you so much. 
— Andre Agassi on his career Grand Slam / June 06, 2009