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Andy Murray Quotes

Scottish Tennis Player


Andrew "Andy" Murray is a Scottish professional tennis player and current British number 1. He is ranked World No. 4, having previously held the No. 2 ranking position for two weeks from 17 August 2009 to 31 August 2009, making him the highest-ranked British male player since Fred Perry. Murray achieved a top 10 ranking by the Association of Tennis Professionals for the first time on 16 April 2007. He has reached two Grand Slam finals, finishing runner-up to Roger Federer both times at the 2008 US Open and the 2010 Australian Open.

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 I'm not allowed to make a joke. It is a bit unfair how I'm treated. I thought it was a joke. I got calls and messages. I would rather not to have to worry about things like that. It is disappointing. 
— Andy Murray on his "played like women" comment / January 11, 2006
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 I think we both played like women in the first set. 
— Andy Murray after beating Kenneth Carlsen at the Heineken Open / January 09, 2006
 Better not say anything about that because if I do, I know I'm gonna get slighted. I'm really disappointed there's not more English people in it. 
— Andy Murray about three Scottish players being named for the British Davis Cup team.
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 I had a great tournament but I came up against, in my opinion, the best player ever to play the game today. 
— Andy Murray on Roger Federer after losing 2008 US Open Final
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 A readiness to believe every promise implicitly, to obey every command unhesitatingly, to stand perfect and complete in all the will of God, is the only true spirit of Bible study. 
— Andy Murray on Bible
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 We are to be shut out from men, and shut in with God. 
— Andy Murray on God
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 I think it takes a while to get the respect because, obviously, I'm still not inside the top 100, ... Until you start beating some of the best players, you don't get the respect of the top guys. 
— Andy Murray
 Every single person in Britain is so negative about the young players. All they are waiting to do is just put them down and I think this week I kind of showed that possibly I might go on and do well. 
— Andy Murray
 Apparently, there's a big pile of letters at home for me and my mum said I got a thong in the post 
— Andy Murray on getting fan mail
 If there was a picture of the girl in there with the thong and she is nice then that would be better. 
— Andy Murray on his fan mail