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Antonio Banderas Quotes

Spanish film actor, film director, film producer and singer


Jose Antonio Dominguez-Banderas better known as Antonio Banderas, is a Spanish film actor, film director, film producer and singer. He began his acting career at age 19 with a series of films by director Pedro Almodovar and then appeared in high-profile Hollywood films including Assassins, Evita, Interview with the Vampire, Philadelphia, Desperado, The Mask of Zorro, Spy Kids and the Shrek sequels.

Antonio Banderas Info

Birth nameJosé Antonio Domínguez Banderas
Date of BirthAugust 10, 1960
Place of BirthBenalmádena, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain
OccupationsActor, director, singer
Spouse (s)Ana Leza (1987–1995), Melanie Griffith (1996–present)
Years active1979–present
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 My daughter, at 13 years old, is way more mature than me. She’s very selective… she knows exactly what she wants. I’m not going to jump in unless there is something that’s going to damage her. Her heart is going to be broken sometimes, and she has to learn from those things too. It’s called life… she has to live that herself. 
— Antonio Banderas / May 17, 2010
 I have one date night with my daughter every week. I take her for dinner by herself… and we can talk, spend some time together. We just try to be dynamic in our relationship to the family and it’s fun too. 
— Antonio Banderas / May 17, 2010
 The entire family participated in the process of rehabilitation. We went to the place where she was doing it, we participated in all the therapies ... everything, everybody in the family. It's tough, but at the same time, very rewarding. It's tough. 
— Antonio Banderas on the rehab for Melanie Griffith for substance abuse / April 23, 2010
 I just say to families, 'Don't get embarrassed, just confront this problem head-on. And don't hide from that because there is a beautiful gift at the end of this tunnel, and it is the person that you love back, and that is what I am searching for. So the whole entire family is supporting her, and I am supporting her, and at this particular time more than ever. I'm very proud of her, 
— Antonio Banderas is proud of Melanie Griffith / April 23, 2010
 There were people who literally didn't give us more than six months! But we love each other, and above all we love our family. We've figured out how to get past obstacles ... and if you get past those, you only get stronger. 
— Antonio Banderas couldn't be more happy since Melanie Griffith got treated for substance abuse / April 23, 2010

 Poverty robs us of our potential as a people, preventing us from being all that we can be. This is why it is so important to mobilize all of our efforts to defeat it. 
— Antonio Banderas in a statement after being named U.N. Goodwill Ambassador / March 17, 2010