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Ashlee Simpson Quotes

American pop singer-songwriter, dancer and actress


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is younger sister of pop singer Jessica Simpson.

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 I always eat. I'm definitely a chocolate girl. I like chocolate. I've got these Hershey's Pieces in my dressing room at the theater, so I definitely snack on those all day, 
— Ashlee Simpson likes chocolate / March 01, 2010
 I had Taco Bell last night. I got a Mexican pizza. On my way home, I was like, 'I've gotta go home from the theater, get Taco Bell and go to bed.' 
— Ashlee Simpson / March 01, 2010
 I don't know. What would I feel guilty for? I don't know. Eating too much? That doesn't really make me feel guilty though. 
— Ashlee Simpson / March 01, 2010
 We'd love to have more kids. I love being a mother. We're together all the time... 
— Ashlee Simpson / February 19, 2010
 All my focus is on my son. Every day being a better mom and learning with him. It's an incredible experience. 
— Ashlee Simpson on her New Year Resolution for 2010 / December 31, 2009
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 I'm honored to be reprising my role as Chicago's Roxie Hart, returning to the stage and joining this amazing cast... Being on Broadway is a childhood dream come true. 
— Ashlee Simpson / November 16, 2009
 My sister has an incredible body. I feel sorry for anyone who would judge her, because she's one sexy lady... It's disgusting that people would say those things. 
— Ashlee Simpson on her sister Jesicca Simpson's weight problems / November 15, 2009
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 There's gonna be a time when I'm way curvier, and that'll be sexy too. What defines sexy is not someone's weight. Personally I like curves. ... I wanna look good [for me]. I wanna feel good. 
— Ashlee Simpson / November 15, 2009