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Australian Open 2012 Quotes


The Australian Open Grand Slam is played from January 16, 2012 - January 29, 2012

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 Sometimes it feels like you're not on a tennis court, the amount of noise you guys produce and for us it's a great feeling. It's a pleasure playing in front of you. It's my great privilege to be standing here in front of one of the greatest players ever, Rod Laver. 
— Novak Djokovic about the noise produced by spectators in the Australia Open final / January 29, 2012
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 Unfortunately there couldn't be two winners tonight but I wish you all the best for this season and I hope that we have many more matches like this, many more finals, 
— Novak Djokovic said to Rafael Nadal after defeating him to win the Australian Open 2012 Men's singles title / January 29, 2012
 He can be number one at the end of the season, When you are able to play five grand slams in a row playing semi-finals or finals, it's only a mental thing. 
— Rafael Nadal said of Andy Murray after Murray lost to Djokovic in a five-set Australian Open semifinal / January 28, 2012
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 I think that gap, I feel tonight I closed it. My job over the next two or three months is to surpass him [Djokovic] and the guys in front of me. 
— Andy Murray after he lost a tight five-setter in the semifinals of Australian Open 2012 against Djokovic / January 27, 2012
 Belarusian people have a mentality of really hard-working people. You can see outside the capitals, big cities, how neat and clean the areas are. So I think that speaks a lot. 
— Victoria Azarenka in her speech while accepting the Australian Open 2012 Women's Singles trophy / January 27, 2012
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 I would like to thank my team, You guys have supported me for so long. You believed in me, made me realise I can believe in myself and that I can finally raise this trophy. I have loved coming back every year since I was a junior. I cannot wait to be back next year. I have had an amazing month in Australia and it is a dream come true. 
— Victoria Azarenka after winning the Australian Open 2012 Women's Singles title defeating Maria Sharapova / January 27, 2012
 It's an honour to play against you. Cherish it for as long as you can. I've had great moments here and I've had tough losses and this was another one, but there's no doubt I'll be back performing on this stage. 
— Maria Sharpova after losing to Victoria Azarenka 6-3, 6-0 in the Women's final of Australian Open 2012 / January 27, 2012
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