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 That's why we get paid; I want to be out there as much as possible... I can see maybe later in the year if you're tired, but I feel like I'm in as good of shape as I've ever been. 
— Jake Peavy / May 19, 2009
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 It helps a pitcher's mind-set going into a game, knowing you've done that well against a team 
— Jake Peavy / May 19, 2009
 So we share something in common, Nobody thought I was going to win, either. 
— Barack Obama honoring World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies / May 15, 2009
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 Everything else is confusing, but baseball is what I feel best and what I do and what I get paid to do ... And I'm just happy to be doing it again 
— Alex Rodriguez / March 2009
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 No matter what happens or what has occurred in my life, the baseball field is where I feel most comfortable 
— Alex Rodriguez / February 2009