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Blythe Danner Quotes

American actress


Blythe Katherine Danner is the mother of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and director Jake Paltrow.

Blythe Danner Info

Birth nameBlythe Katherine Danner
Date of BirthFebruary 3, 1943
Place of BirthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Spouse (s)Bruce Paltrow (1969-2002; his death; 2 children)
Years active1965–present
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 She’s a multitasker. We had dinner last night and I said, ‘Honey, please, it’s great that you multitask, but it’s a lot of stress to do that, and I want you to take care of yourself. You’ve just got to.’ 
— Blythe Danner admitting that she worries about her overachieving daughter Gwyenth Paltrow / February 03, 2011
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 She was nervous when she performed at the Country Music Awards, but once she got into it, she was fine. They stood up — these 2,500 professionals! She’s singing in front of the industry and she got a standing ovation. I was thrilled for her. She loved it. 
— Blythe Danner about Gwyneth Paltrow / February 03, 2011