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Bret Michaels Quotes

American singer, actor, director, screenwriter, producer and reality television personality.


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 Fans have asked for years to get a glimpse into my life, of what I do outside the craziness of Rock of Love or just being on the road. And I think they’re really going to enjoy it because the show is all about my daily existence of finding balance in my life. I absolutely love my family. I’m a very hands-on father. I’m close with my kids and we have fun together. 
— Bret Michaels / July 06, 2010
 Kristi and I love and respect each other. But in the same sentence, I also love what I do. I love being on the road and I’m passionate and I don’t’ think there’s anything wrong with that. The trouble is finding the balance of making both work. The moment we say goodbye, if they’re not coming out on the road with me, is tough. It shouldn’t be easy, because if it were easy, then we probably wouldn’t love each other so much. So what makes it real is that it is tough. 
— Bret Michaels / July 06, 2010
 I sit down and I explain that I’m going away and that I’ll be back. We look at the schedule and plan it out. And then they ask me how many gifts I’m going to bring them. That’s always important! Daughters are good — they key it up right on cue and I’m a sucker and I give them whatever gifts necessary. 
— Bret Michaels / July 06, 2010
 I’m feeling pretty good. Each day I feel a little bit better. As the chemical meningitis from the bleed starts to dissipate, it gets a little bit better. The bottom line is, I got really sick and it all had a domino effect for me, from the appendicitis to the brain hemorrhage. And then I had a warning stroke, and now they found out I got a hole in my heart, which I’m going to go get an operation for that in the late fall, early winter. But I just said to myself, you know what? Whatever it is, I live my life passionately. And music is a powerful healer for me. I’ve learned a lot of it is mind over matter. Once I knew that I had a chance to survive the brain hemorrhage, I was taking life and grabbing it for everything I could. 
— Bret Michaels is feeling better / June 30, 2010
 The fans, the media, everybody, I’m beyond grateful for their love and support because it’s part of what’s helped me to heal. The great vibes, prayers and well wishes, it really means a lot to me. In the years prior to being sick, I really like to think that I treated people great. And when I come back to venues year after year, I’m friends with these people, and I ask them how their families are doing and what’s going on. It’s nice to get that love and support back. 
— Bret Michaels is grateful for the support he received when he was in the hospital / June 30, 2010

 And I said in these exact words, 'Am I dying? If I'm dying, I want to see my kids, but if I have a chance, I don't want them to see me in this condition,' 
— Bret Michaels recalling his words when he was at hospital suffering from subarachnoid hemorrhage / May 05, 2010
 I want to make very clear to everybody that - first and foremost - I was honored to be asked to be at the Tonys. I'd never done it before and in all my life it's not something I thought I'd be on. I was really excited, There's no lawsuit. I'm not doing any of that. I'm taking the high road. 
— Bret Michaels saying he is not suing Tony Awards / June 17, 2009
 We're dating, we're having fun, we'll see what happens, It's not exclusive, but we're dating and having a great time. 
— Bret Michaels on dating Taya Parker / June 17, 2009