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American rapper


Marshall Bruce Mathers III is well known by his stage name Eminem. He is widely recognized by critics, fans, and commentators as the greatest rapper of all time.

Eminem Info

Birth nameMarshall Bruce Mathers III
Date of BirthOctober 17, 1972
Place of BirthSaint Joseph, Missouri, U.S.
OccupationsRapper, record producer, actor, songwriter
GenresHip hop
Years active1995–present
LabelsInterscope, Aftermath
OriginWarren, Michigan, U.S.
Associated actsDr. Dre, D12, Royce da 5'9", 50 Cent, Obie Trice
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 I think Lady GaGa, as an artist you know, she's undeniable. That was one of them things where sometimes I get a joke in my head and I kinda want to share it with the world, you know what I'm saying. So it was just one of them things man, and it's, you know, it's all in fun, it's hip-hop. 
— Eminem defending his lyrics where he mentions Lady Gaga / June 14, 2011
 I have trust issues. With women, friends, whatever. You always wonder what their real motives are. I’ve got a small circle of friends, and it’s a lot of the same friends I’ve known forever. Right now, that works for me. I came out of some difficult things these past couple of years. I kind of feel like I’m just now finding my footing. So I want to make sure that’s secure before I go out and do anything else. I need to keep working on myself for a while. 
— Eminem admits he has trust issues / November 09, 2010
 Not really, As far as going out, like dinner and a movie—I just can’t. Going out in public is just too crazy. I mean, I’d like to be in a relationship again someday. Who doesn’t? It’s just hard to meet new people, in my position. 
— Eminem said of his love life and dating / November 09, 2010
 When I got clean and sober, it was like I was a kid again. Not to sound corny, I felt like I was born again. I had to learn my writing skills. I was relearning how to rap. I didn’t know if my MC skills were intact. 
— Eminem had to learn to rap after getting clean and sober / September 14, 2010
 I actually had to learn how to say my lyrics again — how to phrase them, make them flow, how to use force so they sounded like I meant them. Rapping wasn’t like riding a bike. It was as much physical as mental. I was relearning basic motor skills. I couldn’t control my hand shakes. I’d get in the recording booth and tried to rap, and none of it was clever and I wasn’t saying it right. 
— Eminem had to learn to rap after getting clean and sober / September 14, 2010

 How do you stay sober? My kids, and also I see a rehab counselor once a week. I’ve been clean for two years. 
— Eminem sees his rehab counselor every week / June 18, 2010
 I was on Vicodin, Valium and Ambien, and toward the end, which caused my overdose, methadone. I didn’t know it was methadone. I used to get pills wherever I could. I was just taking anything that anybody was giving to me. The first time I went to rehab it was in Brighton, Michigan. The second time I didn’t go to rehab. I just went to a regular hospital. I detoxed in the hospital, and then I came home. 
— Eminem speaking about the heights of his addiction / June 18, 2010