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 I walk into a restaurant and people stare as though I've just landed from another planet. Every time I walk out in public it's like the alien freak show has arrived. It does have its advantages. I hardly ever get bothered by the paparazzi, probably because of some of the more edgy characters I've played in movies. They're expecting to meet the crazy girl from Natural Born Killers, and I'm not that girl - really I'm not. 
— Juliette Lewis doesn't like being famous / February 28, 2010
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 There's nothing good about being famous. You always think, 'If I'm successful, then I'll have opportunities.' You never figure the cost of fame will be a total loss of privacy. That's incalculable. What a burden that is for anybody. It was unanticipated and I've never enjoyed it. You can get the table you want in a restaurant. It gets you doctor's appointments. But what's that worth? Nothing. 
— Harrison Ford saying there's nothing good abotu being famous / February 25, 2010
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 Being a celebrity is like being a sacrificial lamb, At some point, no matter how high the pedestal that they [critics and audiences] put you on, they're going to tear you down. 
— Megan Fox saying being famous is like being a "sacrificial lamb" / November 24, 2009
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 The Fame is about how anyone can feel famous. 
— Lady Gaga on fame
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 Being famous is like a dream come true but it's really difficult because you lose your freedom. I don't want to lose being a kid. 
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 We all want to be famous people, and the moment we want to be something we are no longer free. 
— Jiddu Krishnamurti
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 The main advantage of being famous is that when you bore people at dinner parties, they think it is their fault. 
— Gary Kissinger
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