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American actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, and painter


James Edward Franco began acting during the late 1990s. He played the title role in Mark Rydell's television biographical film James Dean in 2001, which earned him a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film.

James Franco Info

Birth nameJames Edward Franco
Date of BirthApril 19, 1978
Place of BirthPalo Alto, California, United States
OccupationsActor, director, screenwriter, producer, painter
Years active1999–present
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 I will be back to ‘General Hospital,’ but I’m filming a movie about the Wizard of Oz in Detroit right now, I haven’t filmed any new episodes for ‘General Hospital,’ 
— James Franco about his return to the TV show General Hospital / July 29, 2011
 I had a close friend in school, and there were rumours that we were gay. Those rumours were started by - who knows? - people who were jealous, people who had been picked on, girls who had been picked on. So they started these rumours. I like it now that people said I was gay. It's kind of cool. 
— James Franco says its cool that people think he is gay / July 22, 2011
 I had my agent tell Bill Condon that I’d’ be happy to do anything in ‘Breaking Dawn,’ 
— James Franco wanted to be part of The Twilight saga / July 11, 2011
 It's hard to talk about because it's like assigning blame -- not a fun thing to do. For three or four weeks we shot the promos and the little film that played in the opening. In the last week, when we really started focusing on the script for the live show and did a run-through, I said to the producer, 'I don't know why you hired me, because you haven't given me anything. I just don't think this stuff's going to be good.' 
— James Franco on the criticism he faced for his performance hosting the Oscars / July 10, 2011
 Hi everybody, here I am on Twitter! This is my FIRST tweet. 
— James Franco in a tweet announcing that he joined Twitter / February 18, 2011

 It’s really heavy. I don’t know if it has happened in any movie but you could do a great murder scene with one of those things! 
— James Franco saying an oscar statuette would make a good murder weapon / February 16, 2011
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 I’m the most nervous I have ever been. I think it’s actually worse than when I had to give a presentation in my class at Yale. I had to write a paper and then give a conference style presentation about it to my classmates and that was the most terrified I have ever been until now. 
— James Franco says he is very nervous about hosting the Oscars / January 31, 2011
 This weekend we did shoot some of the pre-tape sections. Anne Hathaway and I did some dancing, some choreographed dancing, and I recorded some vocal tracks. 
— James Franco on his preparations for hosting the Oscars 2011 / January 30, 2011
 I had a great coach, He pulled it out of me. It really makes me want to do a musical on Broadway, 
— James Franco has been taking voice lessons for hosting the Oscars 2011 / January 30, 2011