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Jessica Simpson Quotes

American singer, actress, and television personality who achieved seven Billboard Top 40 hits.


Jessica Ann Simpson became popular in the late 1990s. A singer and an actress, Jessica Simpson has achieved seven Billboard Top 40 hits, and has three gold and two multi-platinum RIAA-certified albums. She starred in the MTV reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica with her then-husband Nick Lachey. She later ventured into the country music market in 2008 and released Do You Know. Jessica Simpson is the International Youth Ambassador for Operation Smile, a non-profit medical service organization based in Virginia. Jessica Simpson was married to Nick Lachey in 2002 and filed for divorce in December, 2005. She was later in a relationship with John Mayer. In November 2007, Simpson dated Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

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 It does affect certain decisions. Like, I'd love to go out to dinner with certain people I've met. But I can't because everyone would be like, "Wow!!! They're gonna get married!" 
— Jessica Simpson admitting that it is hard to maintain a relationship in the public eye / March 19, 2010
 Right now, I'm promoting this (show), and hopefully we'll be doing a season two and hopefully just travel more. 
— Jessica Simpson wants Second Season Of 'Price Of Beauty' / March 18, 2010
 I'm putting my hands in different things, trying to executive-produce some show ideas. I think people will be very shocked to see what might happen in my life next. 
— Jessica Simpson / March 18, 2010
 I'm looking for anyone I can trust. A quiet guy who can keep his mouth shut, no matter what. 
— Jessica Simpson wants his man to be trustable / March 17, 2010
 I want a confident man. A man who understands me and can deal with my life and is not embarrassed by my life. And can support my life. 
— Jessica Simpson / March 17, 2010

 And allow be to be powerful in the relationship. I'm not going to give up my role in this life to just be a housewife. 
— Jessica Simpson is looking for a man who can support her / March 17, 2010
 What is attractive to me about a man is a man's spirituality. Just the way he carries himself. I kind of like a rough man a little bit. A man's man. 
— Jessica Simpson / March 17, 2010
 My phone has been ringing. It's more embarrassing. I'll walk into a restaurant or something. I'll walk and feel like men are looking at me - but I feel like they're undressing me. 
— Jessica Simpson is embarrassed by John Mayer's comments about her / March 16, 2010
 He did apologise, but I mean, at this point it doesn't really matter. I mean, I only thought he was stupid for breaking up with me. 
— Jessica Simpson saying John Mayer apologized to her / March 16, 2010
 I can't wait to have kids... Honestly, if I don't have kids by the time I'm 40, my best friend Ken Paves and I are going to have children, Why not? 
— Jessica Simpson can't wait to have kids / March 15, 2010