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Kim Kardashian Quotes

American socialite, reality television star and a celebrity women


Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian is an American celebutante, socialite, model, actress, and television personality. She is known for her social life and her role on the E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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 Looking back, I love the photos. W Magazine is iconic so I'm really happy that I did it and that those are the photos. 
— Kim Kardashian says she now likes her cover poster on W Magazine / February 04, 2011
 It's just that that's not what I thought they were going to be. Obviously I'm comfortable posing nude -- I've done that before, and I did that then for the magazine. But that's probably not the direction I would've wanted to go if I thought that was going to be the case. 
— Kim Kardashian on why she cried after seeing her full nude cover poster on W magazine / February 04, 2011
 When you shoot something, you hope that it turns out the way that you expected it to be. But looking back, that was my initial reaction when I saw the pictures and I was just really upset. I do think the pictures are beautiful. 
— Kim Kardashian saying she has no regrets about stripping down for W magazine / February 04, 2011
 I would love to be in a Bond film—a Bond Girl! That would be the ultimate. 
— Kim Kardashian wants to be a Bond girl / January 30, 2011
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 There are a few offers on the table, but I definitely want to make the right decision for the right part. I love acting, It's challenging for me, and I love it. 
— Kim Kardashian has several acting offers on her table / January 30, 2011

 I mean, there’s this, you know, embarrassment and shame and so much that comes along with it. And I think that I was so lucky to find a boyfriend at that time in Reggie — that we were together for four years — and that was something that he really helped me through, 
— Kim Kardashian saying her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush helped her overcome the s*x tape shame / January 29, 2011
 He picked me up when I couldn’t pick myself up. And he, you know, and that’s what my family was for as well. So, I feel like I’ve dealt with it and now, I move on from it, and I don’t really go there. 
— Kim Kardashian saying her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush helped her overcome the s*x tape shame / January 29, 2011
 I’m having a good time and he’s a really good person. And I think this time around, you know, I’ve learned to be a little bit more low key and private. I’m such a hopeless romantic. I like to believe and trust in anybody. And sometimes I think that’s been my downfall. And that has been my issue, but I think that I can still trust men. 
— Kim Kardashian is a hopeless romantic / January 29, 2011
 It’s so fun. It’s like walking down the street and he, like, picks up my hand, and I feel like a little kid that used swings, you know. It’s the best way to feel skinny. Tiny and skinny. 
— Kim Kardashian on her six foot three inches tall boyfriend Kris Humpries / January 29, 2011
 There’s a lot of plastic surgery rumors that swirl and I’m the first one to be super honest. And so everyone was talking about that, saying that they must be, you know, fake. They are real. They are completely 100 percent real. 
— Kim Kardashian saying her b**bs are real / January 28, 2011