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Kristen Stewart Quotes

American actress best known for her role in 'The Twilight' series


Kristen Jaymes Stewart is best known for playing Bella Swan in Twilight, and will reprise her role in New Moon and Eclipse. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room, Zathura, In the Land of Women, Adventureland, and The Messengers.

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 Yeah, Breaking Dawn is definitely happening, but whether or not it's two [movies] is still in question, It's so out of my hands but I feel like it deserves two. 
— Kristen Stewart saying Breaking Dawn movie is definitely happening / March 01, 2010
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 Oh man, I think the story - it's the longest book of the series and to do one movie would, basically guarantee that you would have to make a few sacrifices or at least change the structure of it. That's always sort of heartbreaking, so I would so be down for it to be two. 
— Kristen Stewart saying Breaking Dawn movie is definitely happening / March 01, 2010
 I know actors who go on location and make their trailers their homes... They literally put pictures up and stuff. I don't do that. I really like being where I am. And you're made to pretend that you actually live there so it's like yeah, this is where I live now. You start again at each place. 
— Kristen Stewart doesn't decorate her trailer / February 25, 2010
 I mean, as much as you can say I'd like to do this because it's different from what I've done before, I can't really plan things out like that. Despite whether or not a character sort of fits my description and the script is good, what actually drives me to do something like this, which is a really bizarre thing if you think about it: to play a part in a film and for more reason than just 'Oh, I get to be in a movie.' It's like no, I want to live out this life. It's like, why? So it has to speak to me in some way and that's always hard to describe, so I don't know what I want to do. This is the first time I haven't had one of my next jobs lined up so I have a totally clean horizon. That's actually pretty exciting. 
— Kristen Stewart / February 25, 2010
 Really I follow, to put it absolutely lamely, my heart. It would be really a shame if just because I did one movie, and I know it's four or five or whatever, but it is one story. It's one project for me. It's the same character. It's not like that changes, so if something like that would then affect choices, I don't have this scheme of how people are going to receive my movies in the order that I do them and why I do scary movies and why I do movies about 'disaffected teens,' which I get all the time. They're just people I really wanted to play. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm just playing parts that speak to me. 
— Kristen Stewart / February 25, 2010

 To be honest, it's such a weird thing to talk about in this capacity. You always sort of don't look at scripts that are very clearly just framework and they just want to put a dollar sign in the picture frame. It's so obvious. I only want to do work that I find to be moving and that's something that I can't be specific about. So I'm totally lucky and I can't believe that I am. I'm not saying that I can do anything but I definitely have more opportunity than I've ever had so it's awesome. 
— Kristen Stewart / February 25, 2010
 I would never get used to something like that, A room full of people that you are so overwhelmingly... admiration isn't even a word that's enough. It's like there's such an overwhelming respect for everyone in the room and you feel so small, not in a bad way, it puts such an extreme dose of perspective to stand up there and speak to these people. 
— Kristen Stewart hates giving speeches / February 24, 2010
 I never know what I'm going to wear until five minutes before I go somewhere... I guess I know what I'm comfortable in. I don't know how to describe that, I mean you either put it on and go 'no way' or 'OK, let's go.' 
— Kristen Stewart saying she doesn't spend ages getting ready / February 23, 2010
 I've seen him in the movie... he's really good in the movie. It's hard to talk about your friends - about anybody that's close to you that you know. It's like, he's everything I know he is. I know he can do any film. Living is so wrapped up in who you are as an actor, not everybody can play every part. He is really strong in the movie. Maybe that's different... maybe people won't really expect that, he's quite bold, which is great. 
— Kristen Stewart praising Robert Pattinson for his performance in the movie Remember Me. / February 22, 2010
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 Yeah, I'm going... Me and Taylor are going to present. I've been looking at shoes, I'm trying to pick shoes that I know I won't fall down in. 
— Kristen Stewart will present an Oscar with Taylor Lautner / February 20, 2010
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