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Kristen Stewart Quotes

American actress best known for her role in 'The Twilight' series


Kristen Jaymes Stewart is best known for playing Bella Swan in Twilight, and will reprise her role in New Moon and Eclipse. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room, Zathura, In the Land of Women, Adventureland, and The Messengers.

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 I get defensive and that has probably perpetuated people’s idea of me never smiling. I kind of shake my leg too, so people think I’m always uncomfortable. 
— Kristen Stewart saying people often get wrong impression of her / April 22, 2010
 I definitely act differently. I’m definitely overcoming a lot of it. The only insecurity I’ve developed is just being overly paranoid about everyone looking at you when they’re not. 
— Kristen Stewart on how life in the spotlight changed her / April 22, 2010
 He asked me to marry him. As a joke, though. Well, at least I think so! 
— Kristen Stewart saying Robert Pattison proposed to her / April 11, 2010
 I’m glad I could do those films and I was glad to leave school. I couldn’t relate to kids my own age. They are mean and don’t give you any chance. 
— Kristen Stewart hates children / April 02, 2010
 I was never the type of girl to be walking around talking about acting, so in the beginning I didn’t get hassle, until someone realized. I tried to play it down but I got, ‘Oh, she’s such a b**ch.’ Since I was 14, I continued my education via correspondence while concentrating on my career. 
— Kristen Stewart / April 02, 2010

 The day I did the graduation scene on Eclipse, I had just finished high school myself the week before. Acting was the first thing I ever thrived at. But they support anything I want to do. 
— Kristen Stewart / April 02, 2010
 It was like a slow wearing down of like, ‘Okay, Kristen's going to do what she's going to do. She's just going to do these movies'. Not that they were against it... I sort of didn't care any more. I was like, ‘Are you guys cool with this?' 
— Kristen Stewart doesn't care what her parents think / March 25, 2010
 She's a really well-known script supervisor and she's co-written this drama K-11, which she'll direct and I will be in. If she called me right now and said, ‘We're making the movie,' I would be really excited. I guess my question is, ‘How would it be to work with a parent?' 
— Kristen Stewart on working with her mom in her upcoming movie K-11 / March 18, 2010
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 We're really close and then, at the same time, we're creatively very different. But, I think it would be cool if it happens. 
— Kristen Stewart on working with her mom in her upcoming movie K-11 / March 18, 2010
 If I had that drive... It could never be fun for me to be a rock star because I'm not one, 
— Kristen Stewart won't quit acting for a career in music / March 17, 2010