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Lady Gaga Quotes

American singer, songwriter and musician


She began her career as a songwriter for established artists, including Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and New Kids on the Block, as well as American singer and producer Akon. Gaga released her debut album The Fame in 2008

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 I love so many wonderful artists, I love Adele. I think Adele is wonderful and I'm so excited at the success she has had over the past couple of weeks with the Brits and everything. It's so wonderful. I love so many people! Obviously it's no surprise that I love Elton and the Pet Shop Boys as well. 
— Lady Gaga likes Adele / February 28, 2011
 It's the story about the birth of a new race. A race that bears no prejudice and a race that's primary sort of ambition in life is to inspire unity and togetherness. The song is very meaningful to me, so I wanted to make something that would really show what was going on in my head when I wrote 'Born This Way'. 
— Lady Gaga on her Born This Way song / February 28, 2011
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 Babies are great but I am not ready to have one. Maybe ten years from now but not yet. I want to keep my energy centered on my music. 
— Lady Gaga is not ready for babies / February 24, 2011
 I was here on 9/11 in high school, so God bless the fire department. I'm usually a jackass when they tell me I can't set the piano on fire. So, this is me being a nerd to the town I love. 
— Lady Gaga banned from using pyrotechnics at a concert / February 23, 2011
 I actually made a choice to keep my life pretty normal. At some point about two years ago I said to myself, 'OK, am I going to put my toe in Hollywood's pond and figure out if I want to live a glamorous life and assimilate to the glamorous lifestyle?', but I really didn't want to do it. And I don't like Hollywood and I don't like the whole scene and I just said, 'I'm going to go home and figure out how to be the first popstar to live in the same neighbourhood for the rest of their life that I grew up in', and that's what I do. I still live where I always lived. I still hang out and drink whisky at the same bars. I still go to the same hardware store. 
— Lady Gaga / February 22, 2011

 New York City, did you guys come to party tonight? The Monster Ball will set you free. 
— Lady Gaga at a concert in New York City / February 22, 2011
 My name is Lady Gaga, and I was born and raised in the unbreakable streets of New York City. Thank you so much. Tonight, I want you to forget all of your insecurities because I didn’t used to be brave but you have made me brave, Little Monsters. 
— Lady Gaga at a concert in New York City / February 22, 2011
 Just pulled out of MSG, tears streaming down my face. Turned radio on + Born This Way was roaring. Believe, + catch your subway to destiny. 
— Lady Gaga in a twitter tweet after the concert in New York City / February 22, 2011
 What a dream come true! Filming my HBO special of the Monsterball today, and just finished editing Born This Way video! Announcement Soon! X 
— Lady Gaga in a twitter tweet / February 21, 2011
 I think at some point, yes. I think I'm sort of destined for that screen at some point. 
— Lady Gaga would consider acting / February 19, 2011