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Lily Rose Beatrice Allen is an English pop music singer and songwriter. Lily Allen is known for her songs "Smile", "LDN", her cover of "Oh My God" by British act The Kaiser Chiefs, "The Fear".
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 I hope in a year’s time I’m not gonna be asked to awards and I won’t be nominated because I haven’t put anything out there. And hopefully I can fade into oblivion. 
— Lily Allen hopes to fade into oblivion / June 12, 2010
 I plan to have children in the next year, and because people have stopped buying music, the only way to make money is on tour and I’m just not willing to do that with babies around. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, suddenly I have a sense of who I am. Having Sam around gives me confidence and makes me feel I’ve got him to lean on, whereas before I felt really lonely. Like it was me fighting the rest of the world, really. I don’t feel like I’m fighting anyone any more. I don’t feel defensive or aggressive, just pretty leveled out. 
— Lily Allen hopes to start a family with boyfriend Sam Cooper / June 12, 2010
 It’ll be a minimum of four or five years before I make a record again. I know what commitment it takes to release an album. I don’t think that mixes well with the idea of settling down and having children, which is ultimately my goal and more of a priority than flying around the world. 
— Lily Allen wants to settle down and have children / May 16, 2010
 I’ve been there [Brazil] a few times on tour but only to like Rio and Sao Paulo. It was really nice to go up to the rainforest — even though there was a tarantula in my bed one evening which was slightly terrifying. I just screamed and ran out of the room. 
— Lily Allen recalling a terrifying spider incident / May 13, 2010
 I’ve had enough of being me. I’ve had enough of being Lily Allen, I want to be me now. Whatever situation I’m in, whether it’s going to the supermarket, the pub or a club, or in the back of a cab, people think they know me. And the reality is they don’t. Lily Allen is a character I have no control over. I’ve got nothing to do with it except my face is the one that goes with it. 
— Lily Allen saying she has no control over her pop star persona / April 26, 2010

 I got a BRIT Award recently. And that was something four years ago that I would have died for. But when I finally got that award it meant absolutely nothing to me. Because I now know that The BRIT Awards is a TV show. Record company executives make deals with a TV channel and the producers about who wins what award in exchange for performance time. So it’s just become a non-award, like ‘thank you for this’. 
— Lily Allen saying the BRIT award she recently won meant nothing to her now / April 26, 2010