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Australian cricketer


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 If you want to be part of this Australian team, you've got to go with the captain and we respect the way he wants to take the team. Even someone like Ricky who has been captain, he's jumping on board as well and it just shows that the guys really do want to play for Australia, we do want to play under Michael and I think we're definitely going in the right direction. 
— Michael Hussey saying that the entire Australian team is behind Michael Clarke after allegations by Simon Katich / October 31, 2011
 I couldn't believe Michael Clarke was going to give me a bowl. He did sort of say he wouldn't mind giving me a couple of overs, because with a little less pace they might chip one out to cover and, obviously, he was spot on. It wasn't just about 'let's just give anyone a go', it was about trying to bowl a little slower. The pitch was slow and it was a bit hard to drive. He's certainly a thinking captain and yeah, he had the golden hand today. 
— Michael Hussey saying Michael Clarke is a thinking captain, when he gave Hussey to bowl an over in the second test against Sri Lanka / September 08, 2011
 Ricky's got our 100% support. He's such a class player. It's amazing, it seems like he's been copping criticism over very minor things. Things have been blown way out of proportion from our point of view. 
— Michael Hussey saying Ricky Ponting has the support of his team mates / March 22, 2011
 Just going is a bit of a dream come true but to actually be there as part of a winning Australian team would be out of this world, so let's hope, 
— Michael Hussey is excited to be a part of Australian squad for the World Cup and wants to win it / March 07, 2011
 I have been trying hard to take my focus away from playing in the cricket World Cup but I am over my hamstring injury and will be ready if the selectors give me the call. I am really confident of getting through Western Australia's upcoming Sheffield Shield match against Queensland and feel I am right on track, 
— Michael Hussey saying he is fit to be selected as a replacement in the World Cup / March 02, 2011

 The precedent has sort of been set from the last time with Andrew Symonds. He came in about the third or the fourth game in the previous World Cup and played a really big part in our team, he was an important part of the team. I was hoping that would be the same sort of thing for me really - that they'd give me every chance to have a crack at it at least. I thought I could push for the second game and definitely be right for the third game. 
— Michael Hussey thought he could play a major role for Australia in the World Cup / February 09, 2011
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 I feel like I maybe deserved that chance to have a bit of a go at it, but they obviously saw differently so it's disappointing. It probably just shows that you can't look too far ahead. You've just got to try and enjoy every opportunity you get to play for Australia - every tournament, every World Cup, every game that you get. You've got to enjoy every one because it can sort of all end pretty quickly. 
— Michael Hussey is disappointed to have been left out of the World Cup squad because of his injury / February 09, 2011
 This is the best feeling of my career. I wasn't sure whether we would do it. This game continues to amaze. I can't explain it. By the end there I was just swinging as hard as I could every ball. 
— Michael Hussey after scoring an unbeaten 60*(24) to defeat Pakistan in the semifinals / May 14, 2010
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