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Miley Cyrus Quotes

American singer, actress, and author


Miley Ray Cyrus is an American pop singer, songwriter and television and film actress. She played the the title character in the TV series Hannah Montana. A soundtrack CD was released in October 2006 featuring Cyrus on eight songs from the Hannah Montana show. Miley Cyrus began her solo music career with the release of her debut album, Meet Miley Cyrus on June 23, 2007. The album included her first top ten single, "See You Again". Her second album, Breakout, was released on July 22, 2008. Both albums debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.

Miley Cyrus suffers from a heart condition called tachycardia. She and her friend Mandy Jiroux began creating videos on YouTube called The Miley and Mandy Show which became a YouTube hit. She also became popular on the social networking site Twitter and has been followed by as many as 2 million twitter users. Miley Cyrus is currently in a relationshiop with Liam Hemsworth, who is also her co-star in the movie The Last Song.

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 We started filming and at one point the chemistry was kind of awkward. I liked him a little bit, he liked me a little bit but it was awkward. 
— Miley Cyrus on filming with Liam Hemsworth / March 25, 2010
 I was tired of telling everyone what I'm doing. I hate when I read things and celebrities say, 'I have no personal life.' That's because you write about everything that you're doing. I'd tweet 'I'm here' and wonder why a thousand fans were outside the restaurant. Hello, you just told them. 
— Miley Cyrus on tweeting / March 25, 2010
 I'm a lot less on my phone and a bit more social. I have a lot more real friends, not friends that are on the internet that I'm talking to - that's not cool, not safe and mostly not real. I've started telling kids that it's dangerous, it wastes your life and you should be outside playing sports instead of sitting in front of any type of screen! Everything is so much better when you're not wrapped up in that. 
— Miley Cyrus saying her life became easier after she quit tweeting / March 25, 2010
 It's lame when I'm hanging out with my friends and they're so busy taking pictures to put on Facebook, instead of enjoying what they're doing. You're gonna look back and have 10 million pictures, but you're not in one of them because you were too busy clicking away. I think it's best to stop telling people about it and enjoy the moment you're in yourself. 
— Miley Cyrus saying her life became easier after she quit tweeting / March 25, 2010
 I think it's sweet that they're always supportive of the show, but my wish is they'll support me whatever I do, and that's what a true fan is, 
— Miley Cyrus hopes her fans will support her to whatever she does / March 24, 2010

 Whatever I'm doing, if the art that I'm making is making me happy, then respect my craft and respect the art that I'm making. 
— Miley Cyrus hopes her fans will support her to whatever she does / March 24, 2010
 It's kind of a weird cycle. I didn't really relate to her because I didn't know the famous life. Then I understood it, and I related to her. And now, I don't really relate to her any more, because I've gotten more mature than that, and the show can only go so far for the channel it's on. 
— Miley Cyrus can no longer relate to her Hannah Montana character / March 24, 2010
 Bobby is probably one of the most hysterical kids I've met in my life. This kid will do anything for five bucks. By the end he literally had a receipt for me. It was like $80. I paid him 10 bucks to go ask Liam if he liked me. I sent him back and forth. It was really funny. 
— Miley Cyrus paid $10 to a kid to find out if Liam Hemsworth likes her / March 23, 2010
 It was really good working with Liam, because it makes you want to come to work and look good. I'm trying to make people see my work as a real actress and more mature. And when you have someone who loves you and wants you to do well, you really want to help each other, and you want to make each other look good. We both were trying to get our point across that we can do more than what people know us as. 
— Miley Cyrus enjoys working with Liam Hemsworth / March 23, 2010
 I just want to do films 'cause I like being someone else. I just feel like the music industry isn't as positive as I'd like it to be. 
— Miley Cyrus wants to quit music / March 23, 2010