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Miley Cyrus Quotes

American singer, actress, and author


Miley Ray Cyrus is an American pop singer, songwriter and television and film actress. She played the the title character in the TV series Hannah Montana. A soundtrack CD was released in October 2006 featuring Cyrus on eight songs from the Hannah Montana show. Miley Cyrus began her solo music career with the release of her debut album, Meet Miley Cyrus on June 23, 2007. The album included her first top ten single, "See You Again". Her second album, Breakout, was released on July 22, 2008. Both albums debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.

Miley Cyrus suffers from a heart condition called tachycardia. She and her friend Mandy Jiroux began creating videos on YouTube called The Miley and Mandy Show which became a YouTube hit. She also became popular on the social networking site Twitter and has been followed by as many as 2 million twitter users. Miley Cyrus is currently in a relationshiop with Liam Hemsworth, who is also her co-star in the movie The Last Song.

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 I have a super, super small role but I still can’t wait to go to the premiere because it’s one of my favorite movies, 
— Miley Cyrus is excited for Sex and the City 2 / April 30, 2010
 I love the show so I was super stoked when I heard they wanted me to be a part of it. It was amazing. They are all so sweet and so fun to be around. I love them. 
— Miley Cyrus likes Sex and the City tv show / April 30, 2010
 Sarah Jessica Parker is my style icon so it was really fun to meet her and work with her. 
— Miley Cyrus on working with Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and City 2 / April 30, 2010
 I’m really looking forward to turning 18. I have bought my own house and I’m very excited about moving there. I’m quite independent anyway because I have to travel a lot. 
— Miley Cyrus is looking forward to turning 18 / April 27, 2010
 I have four siblings so my mum and dad can’t always come along. But I think people are going to take me more seriously this way. I have achieved a lot — more than some grown-ups in my position have. And I don’t have the feeling that people are taking me seriously, simply because I’m so young. I hope that’s going to change. 
— Miley Cyrus wants people to take her seriously / April 27, 2010

 The funny thing is, that it all happens backwards when you make a film. Before you know each other properly you have to kiss on the beach and before you want to say ‘I love you’ in real life you have to do it on screen. That was a bit weird. You want to say it in real life as well, but then again not. It’s interesting. I think there’s a bit of truth in everything that we have done. 
— Miley Cyrus finds it hard filming love scenes with Liam because they started dating in real life / April 27, 2010
 We had been filming for a couple of weeks and I think the more you hang out, the more you get to know each other – we kind of grew into it, 
— Miley Cyrus didn't start dating Liam Hemsworth until they finished the film The Last Song / April 26, 2010
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 We weren’t 100 per cent a couple until the end of the film. We were hanging out and I guess we were kind of dating but there wasn’t ever a moment where we thought, ‘Yeah, we’re together’. 
— Miley Cyrus didn't start dating Liam Hemsworth until they finished the film The Last Song / April 26, 2010
 I got really lucky working with someone I enjoy being around. I’m super blessed to have had amazing people in my life. I think the best part is just hanging out with a friend and that’s what him and I are – it’s a real friendship. We’ve always been kind of what we are now. 
— Miley Cyrus about Liam Hemsworth / April 26, 2010
 A part of that makes me sad because the show has been like a security blanket. But another part of me is happy to move on to a new chapter of my life. Just because I want to move on from the show doesn't mean I don't appreciate what it has given to me. 
— Miley Cyrus saying Hannah Montana is like her security blanket / April 24, 2010