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Narendra Modi Quotes

Chief Minister of Gujarat, India


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 The government at the Centre has no will to tackle terrorism. It's a demand of time to take strict action against terrorism which the United States did after 9/11 and since then terrorists didn't dare to target the country 
— Narendra Modi / August 15, 2010
 I want to warn the Central government that the Kashmir issue is very sensitive and they will have to take people of the nation into confidence before reaching to any conclusion. 
— Narendra Modi on the Kashmir issue / August 15, 2010
 Gujarat has always shown a new path to the country. Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel led the country for freedom and now Gujarat is leading the country in many fields like agriculture, education and petrochemicals, 
— Narendra Modi about Gujarat / August 15, 2010
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 Gujarat is probably the only state where Anganwadi workers are felicitated, 
— Narendra Modi saying respecting women is our culture / March 08, 2010
 People in the West have created a wrong impression of Indians because we worship trees. We term trees as deities, yet cut them down. Similarly, Hindu gods are associated with one or another animal, bird or tree. This teaches us to respect them. 
— Narendra Modi saying West can learn from Indian traditions / June 06, 2009
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 There was no response. I will have to wait for better days in order to implement the project. 
— Narendra Modi saying he sent a proposal about increasing the use of solar power / June 06, 2009
 Nag Panchami was created because snakes come out in the monsoon. People who are scared might kill them. The tradition of worshipping the Nag was started so that no one kills them 
— Narendra Modi on Nag Panchami, saying West can learn from Indian traditions / June 06, 2009
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