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Pete Sampras Quotes

Former Tennis Player


Pete Sampras holds the record for winning most number of Grand Slams in ATP Tour. He won record 14 Grand Slam titles

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 I didn't even know what to say. I respect him, he's a friend of mine. He was my main rival in the '90s and would I tell him flat out he made a mistake, absolutely. I'd say, 'What were you thinking?' and to lie about it. But when I look at Andre in his mid-twenties to his late-twenties, he was like a different guy. 
— Pete Sampras about Andre Agassi confession that he used crystal meth in 1997 / November 2009
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 Roger's career isn't done yet, He's going to play Nadal a number of times over the next number of years, and he has to beat him (if he wants) to be considered the greatest ever, certainly in my book. 
— Pete Sampras on Roger Federer / July 15, 2009
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 You have to be the man of your generation and Roger has come up short against Nadal 
— Pete Sampras on Roger Federer / July 15, 2009
 He has to figure this kid out, he has to beat him, He's lost to him a number of times, he just has to figure out Nadal. 
— Pete Sampras on Roger Federer losing to Rafael Nadal a number of times / July 15, 2009
 If he jsut keeps it going and stays healthy, he could go to 18,19, actually. The guy's a legend and now he's an icon. He's a credit to the game. He's a stud. 
— Pete Sampras praising Roger Federer on winning a record 15 Grand slam titles / July 05, 2009

 I'm obviously happy for Roger, Now that he has won in Paris, I think it just more solidifies his place in history as the greatest player that played the game, in my opinion. 
— Pete Sampras on Roger Federer equaling his record for most number of Grand Slam singles titles / June 07, 2009
 I didn't think it would take only seven years to tie, It feels like I'm in good company with Roger. 
— Pete Sampras on Roger Federer equaling Pete Sampras's record of 14 Grand Slam titles / June 2009
 It will be interesting for Rafa to come back as defending champion as before he was always just a contender, so there will be a bit more pressure on him this year. Roger is very hungry for the title and he came so close last year. If I was to put my money on it, I would say Roger, but he's not a shoo-in. 
— Pete Sampras tipping Roger Federer to win 2009 Wimbledon Championship / May 21, 2009
 When people ask me who my great rival is I always tell them Andre. 
— Pete Sampras on Andre Agassi / May 21, 2009
 When Richard is on, he's very difficult, When he's serving that big, it's so tough to break, and that puts extra pressure on my serve. I just felt it slipping away after I got broken. I just felt it slipping away. I just felt maybe my time had come. 
— Pete Sampras on losing to Richard Krajicek in the quarter-finals of 1996 Wimbledon / 1996