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Rahul Gandhi Quotes

Member of the Parliament of India representing the Amethi constituency, General Secretary of the Indian National Congress


Rahul Gandhi is the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress. He belongs to the Nehru-Gandhi family, the most prominent political family in India. In 2009 He turned down a cabinet post in the Manmohan Singh government.

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 It is the same Prime Minister who compelled Pakistan to openly confess categorically that the perpetrators of the terrorists act in Mumbai last year belonged to Pakistan. 
— Rahul Gandhi on BJP's consistent description of Manmohan Singh as a weak PM / May 2009
 During the tenure of so-called mighty and powerful L. K. Advani as Deputy Prime Minister in the NDA government, the country faced unprecedented humiliation when his foreign minister Jaswant Singh himself escorted the most dreaded terrorists to release them in a foreign land 
— Rahul Gandhi on NDA's rule / May 2009
 [Committed to] ensuring progress and development of all sections of society, including the poor, down-trodden, farmers and toiling masses without discriminating on the grounds of caste, creed or religion. 
— Rahul Gandhi on Congress party / May 2009
 The state government says start industries and forget the poor. There should be bigger industries, there should be more investment, but you (the common people) should also be involved in those investments, you cannot be overlooked. This is our thinking, all should move forward and no one should lag behind 
— Rahul Gandhi at a campaign in Domkal / May 2009
 It is a government of rich people. Big businessmen are being helped. 
— Rahul Gandhi speaking about Narendra Modi-led Government / April 28, 2009
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 Funds being eaten away by elephant in Lucknow. 
— Rahul Gandhi on funds allocated for Lucknow / April 27, 2009
 I will fight for democracy and for poor people 
— Rahul Gandhi / April 14, 2009
 If Congress is re-elected, we shall ensure there is no poverty in the country. 
— Rahul Gandhi / April 10, 2009
 From my side, I know - and I do know my mother's views on this - that he (Manmohan) is the best prime ministerial candidate. He is our candidate and we are going to stick by him, like we did in the case of the nuclear deal. 
— Rahul Gandhi
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 There is a work that my father had started, a dream he had dreamt. I come to you today saying allow me to turn that dream into reality 
— Rahul Gandhi kicking off his election campaign at Amethi