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Rahul Gandhi Quotes

Member of the Parliament of India representing the Amethi constituency, General Secretary of the Indian National Congress


Rahul Gandhi is the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress. He belongs to the Nehru-Gandhi family, the most prominent political family in India. In 2009 He turned down a cabinet post in the Manmohan Singh government.

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 UP used to give us big numbers. We lost that. With this result, we have made a small beginning. In a few years, we will give UP a new Congress which will change the face of UP 
— Rahul Gandhi on Congress and Uttar Pradesh / May 16, 2009
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 In 2004 they gave you a slogan 'India Shining'. And we gave you a slogan 'government of common man'. 'India Shining' was in English and half of the population in India could not understand it. And when they were asked where did they bring it from, they said they saw it on television 
— Rahul Gandhi on BJP's India Shining slogan in 2004 / May 12, 2009
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 When the Congress government came to power in 2004, Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and we all made just one promise that we will work for the 'aam admi,' farmers of Punjab, mazdoor (labourers), Dalit and it will be there government. We functioned as per our promise. 
— Rahul Gandhi slamming NDA for thinking about the rich and upper classes / May 11, 2009
 But they did not go to the houses of the poor, the farmers, the Dalit and other weaker sections. They just went to the houses of the rich. You (voters) then showed them the door 
— Rahul Gandhi saying BJP didn't look after the poor though they calimg that India was shining / May 11, 2009
 Manmohan Singh is pride of Punjab and India 
— Rahul Gandhi on Manmohan Singh in an election rally / May 11, 2009
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 Afzal Guru will be hanged when his turn comes. Ironically, he is the disciple of (JeM chief) Masood Azhar, the terrorist released by the BJP government in the Kandahar hijack case. The BJP tends to forget what it has done in the past 
— Rahul Gandhi at an election meeting in Mohali / May 09, 2009
 The BJP is trying to divide Hindus and Muslims in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat while it is trying to split Hindus and Christians in Orissa. Women are being beaten up in Karnataka while migrants are being driven out of Maharashtra. We don't want two Indias 
— Rahul Gandhi at an election meeting in Hoshiarpur, Punjab / May 09, 2009
 Across the globe, I am yet to come across a Sikh who is weak. Manmohan Singh is the best prime minister that India can have 
— Rahul Gandhi / May 09, 2009
 When they are in power, they never remember issues like the Ram Mandir (Ayodhya temple) and black money lying in Swiss bank accounts. The BJP never talks about the poor and poverty 
— Rahul Gandhi / May 09, 2009
 This country needs a government for the aam aadmi (common man). Even Mahatma Gandhi did not have the rich people with him. His base was the poor people of this country 
— Rahul Gandhi / May 09, 2009