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Rahul Gandhi Quotes

Member of the Parliament of India representing the Amethi constituency, General Secretary of the Indian National Congress


Rahul Gandhi is the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress. He belongs to the Nehru-Gandhi family, the most prominent political family in India. In 2009 He turned down a cabinet post in the Manmohan Singh government.

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 I own the responsibility for this...This is one of my defeats and I take it in my stride, 
— Rahul Gandhi takes responsibility of Congress' dismal performance in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2012 / March 06, 2012
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 We should put in as much effort as possible to ensure that what is India's money, what is people's money, comes back. We are growing at eight to nine percent level where huge amount of money is generated. That money belongs to the people of India. We need to ensure that the money reaches to every single person. Stashing away back money is close to stealing from the poor and the future of this country, 
— Rahul Gandhi says Black Money should be brought back to India / January 29, 2011
 I am a pilot and I am absolutely aware of the dangers of flying in low visibility conditions. I will be the last person to do it 
— Rahul Gandhi dismissing UPCC president Rita Bahuguna Joshi's comments that he had forced the pilot to land in bad conditions / December 08, 2009
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 It is not about what religion or community you come from, it is what you bring to the table, what capability you have. 
— Rahul Gandhi saying a muslim can become a prime minister in india / December 07, 2009
 You need to step up and the number of leaders coming out of your community needs to go up. You got today a Sikh prime minister that nobody would have ever imagined in a country of over a billion people that we would have a Sikh prime minister. Sikhs are a very small percentage of this country. 
— Rahul Gandhi responding to a question at the Aligarh Muslim University / December 07, 2009