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Rajeev Shukla Quotes

Secretary of the All India Congress Committee, Indian journalist and a Member of Parliament from Maharashtra


Rajeev Shukla is an Indian journalist and a Member of Parliament. He serves as secretary of the All India Congress Committee. Shukla is also a founder and director of BAG Films Limited, the Honorary Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association, and manager of the Indian National Cricket Team.

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 Looking back at your journey and whoever has helped you in that remember them, that's call gratefulness. This person has got gratefulness in his personality. He has touched everybody's heart today 
— Rajeev Shukla about Sachin Tendulkar / November 16, 2013
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 Sachin will always be remembered and people will always get motivated by him. His Longevity, the kind of records he has achieved in his phenomenal career, it can't be broken for another 100 years. He deserves the kind of honour. It is a great privilege that the Government has chosen him for the award. 
— Rajeev Shukla on Sachin Tendulkar being awarded Bharat Ratna / November 16, 2013
 It's unfortunate, but the IPL will continue. They have circulated a press release and I have seen that but without them giving us anything in writing officially, we cannot react. 
— Rajeev Shukla on Sahara's decision to snap ties with BCCI and IPL / February 04, 2012
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 I was very much in parliament. I was late by just a minute as I had gone to Central Hall for official work. 
— Rajeev Shukla on absenteeism during question hour in Rajya Sabha / December 09, 2009
 Varun Gandhi and the BSP Government in Uttar Pradesh indulged in vote bank politics to garner votes... such politics does not help in the long run 
— Rajeev Shukla on Varun Gandhi / May 14, 2009
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