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Ricky Martin is a Puerto Rican pop singer and actor who achieved prominence, first as a member of the Latin boy band Menudo, then as a solo artist since 1991.

Ricky Martin Info

Birth nameEnrique Martín Morales
Date of BirthDecember 24, 1971
OccupationsSinger-songwriter, actor
GenresPop, Latin pop, dance-pop, world, reggae, Urban pop
Years active1984–present
LabelsColumbia (1999–present), Sony Music Latin (2003–present), Sony Discos (1995–2003), Sony Music Mexico (1991–1995)
OriginSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Associated actsMenudo
Other Names / Nick NamesRicky Martin
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 not more, not less. Just #EQUALITY 
— Ricky Martin in a twitter tweet, about the same-sex marriage bill in New York / June 25, 2011
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 They’re a little hurricane in my house. At 7 o’clock in the morning, there’s a party going on! My mother told me, ‘Ricky you’re never going to sleep ever again in your life, now because they’re babies and when their teenagers because they don’t come back home!’ So, it’s getting used to the idea of not being able to sleep. 
— Ricky Martin says his twin boys are like a hurricane / February 05, 2011
 We haven’t started the potty training yet, but it’s all about the toys. The front of the bus is a big playroom, and then the bunk beds and my bed in the back, but yes they’re ready. 
— Ricky Martin has turned his tour bus like a playroom so that his twins can accompany him in tours / February 05, 2011
 Heavy lessons about simplicity and unconditional love. I don’t want to sound cliche, another father talking about unconditional love, but man, that’s the way it is. You hear it all the time, but when you feel this other branch of love getting stronger and stronger every day, it’s just amazing. 
— Ricky Martin on the lessons he learned from his children / February 01, 2011
 Every day they teach me different things. The love is there. When you have a two-year-old saying every other hour, ‘Papi, te amo. Papi, I love you,’ it can’t get better. 
— Ricky Martin saying hearing I love you from his children is the best thing that happened to him / February 01, 2011

 The other day I took them to a toy store and they went straight to this tiny piano. And I’m like, ‘Look at the robot!’ But no, it was the piano — both of them. So it’s very beautiful. 
— Ricky Martin saying his children Matteo and Valentino like musical instruments / February 01, 2011
 I’ve had two very spiritual years – two years with a lot of introspection. After 25 years, I wanted silence. It’s what I needed to be able to accept myself as a man, and to take the decision to become a dad. I needed to be sound in mind so that they would be okay. It could be in the city are people out in the city who won’t like me because I’m gay, and it could be in the city are people who will like me greater because I’m gay. But if my followers on Twitter are anything to go by…well, I’ve got two million of those. 
— Ricky Martin on how he came out of closet / January 31, 2011