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Rihanna Quotes

Barbadian singer, model, and beauty queen


Rihanna is a Barbadian R&B recording artist and model. Rihanna pursued a career in recording under the guidance of Evan Rogers at the age of 16. She later signed a contract with Def Jam Recordings. Rihanna's debut album Music of the Sun was released in 2005. Her second album A Girl Like Me was released in less than a year in 2006. Her third album Good Girl Gone Bad was released in 2007 and was nominated for nine Grammy Awards. Rihanna's fourth album Rated R was released in November 2009. She serves as one of Barbados's honorary cultural ambassadors. Rihanna received two Grammy Awards for the single Run This Town in January 2010.

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 The vocal performances definitely were influenced by the emotion, the feeling. I wasn't just singing lines... I was singing every word and every word meant something because it was my story. It was a lot more personal, a lot more real... I was venting. 
— Rihanna on making the album "Rated:R" / February 16, 2010
 The two things I've always loved have been music and fashion and I want to push into new directions with both of them... I want to be bold, daring, fearless. I'm not afraid to be adventurous. I think we all inspire each other... It's a few of us, we all compete and all want to be the best. Overall, you get a great package from us and that means the fans are the ones who win. 
— Rihanna / February 15, 2010
 It's really colorful; it's a pop art video 
— Rihanna about her new video "Rude Boy" / February 2010
 We shot it all on green screen. Everything was done in post-production. It's really colorful, really energetic. It was really inspired by my Caribbean roots. I love reggae music. [Rude Boy] is a Jamaican term, so our costumes are dancehall-queen-like. It's a fun video. Probably the most fun video we've done so far. 
— Rihanna about her new video "Rude Boy" / February 2010
 Rated R-I love the sound of it, in terms of the bass. I really like the bottom, the grime of it. But if I were to combine that with more energetic, uptempo pop records, then I think that will be a happy marriage. And that's where we'll probably go next. 
— Rihanna on her upcoming album / February 2010

 A collaboration between GaGa and myself would be really cool because we do a similar type of music and we both really love fashion, so I'm sure it'll be a hot video. I would love to collaborate with her. 
— Rihanna wants to work with Lady Gaga / February 2010
 We're like brother and sister. Now I've grown up a lot so we have adult conversations and I can relate to what he's saying and I can understand it. He doesn't feel like he has to edit anything when he talks to me because I'm grown. He can be completely real, whether it's harsh or not, he just says it and it's great. 
— Rihanna on her relationship with Jay-Z / February 2010
 There is so much I want to do, I would love to try my hand at acting. 
— Rihanna wants to act in movies in 2010 / January 06, 2010
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 I'll hopefully be making movies and having something to do with fashion as well as making music in years to come. I just want to keep getting better. 
— Rihanna wants to act in movies in 2010 / January 06, 2010
 I hope I am (in love by then). Thirty-one is a decade away, I better be in love by then. 
— Rihanna hopes that she will be love by the age of 31 / January 2010