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Swiss Tennis player


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 Every season is different or special, Last year was the most emotional, the most special. Losing in Australia, coming back, winning Paris, Wimbledon, getting married, going through pregnancy, having the babies. 
— Roger Federer / February 15, 2010
 I mean, it's something if it happens, it does, it's great; but it's not something that's like my No. 1 goal. 
— Roger Federer on the possibility of winning a calendar Grand Slam / January 31, 2010
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 I know he'd like to win the first for British tennis in, what is it, like 150,000 years? 
— Roger Federer on Murray's chances of winning his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open 2010 / January 29, 2010
 That's the beauty of best of five sets. I wasn't panicking. Even though maybe I would have lost the second set had I lost another point there at that stage. But, you know, I just relaxed and thought, you know, maybe if the sun goes and his level drops a little bit, the whole thing might change for the better. It did. I couldn't believe the way it changed. 
— Roger Federer about his quarterfinal match against Nikolay Davydenko / January 27, 2010
 Magnus (Norman), his coach, has been doing a great job with him and I'm sure we will be playing a number of times in the future. It was hard to play him in the very first match of the year, but I had fun. 
— Roger Federer on losing to Robin Soderling in an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi, in his first match of the year / January 01, 2010
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 It was a bit difficult, part sun and part shade. I did have a problem while serving. 
— Roger Federer on playing Robin Soderling in his first match of 2010 / January 01, 2010
 It is an honour for me to be named ITF world champion for a fifth time. It was an incredible year for me both on and off the court 
— Roger Federer on being named the 2009 World Champion by the International Tennis Federation / December 22, 2009
 To win my first Roland Garros title, break the all-time Grand Slam record and regain the number one ranking is amazing. It means a lot to me to finish the year again at the top. 
— Roger Federer on being named the 2009 World Champion by the International Tennis Federation / December 22, 2009
 I asked Juan Martin myself at the net, 'Did you make it or not?'. He said, 'I don't think so.'... Of course, you got to feel sorry for the guy who didn't make it. At the same time, Del Potro beat the No. 1 player in the world in the group, and I guess also deserves to go through. There's only two places, and that's the way it is. 
— Roger Federer after three-way tie in the ATP World Tour Finals 2009 Round robin matches in Group A / November 26, 2009
 I knew I couldn't lose in two sets because I knew that was going to knock me out. That's why I was very excited. 
— Roger Federer on qualifying for the semis despite loss in his final round robin match against Del Potro / November 26, 2009