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Swiss Tennis player


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 It's great. There is no substitute to confidence, 
— Roger Federer after winning his fifth Dubai Championships title / March 03, 2012
 It was a tough weekend for us. I did have a day to sort of recover on Sunday and just weather the press because it was taken completely the wrong way, me blaming Stan. I would never do that and it was just an unfortunate weekend. There were many different circumstances leading to our defeat. First and foremost, I think the Americans played really well. 
— Roger Federer saying he was misunderstood and he did not blame Stanislas Wawrinka for Switzerland's loss in the Davis Cup to US / February 14, 2012
 I played well enough in doubles, but Stanislas not so much, didn’t have his best match in singles; it’s a shame, because of that defeat, we weren’t able to put the U.S. under pressure. 
— Roger Federer on Switzerland's loss to US in Davis Cup / February 11, 2012
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 I still feel like the top four guys are going to play well again. The question is just whom. There you have what you say, you're not sure what's going to happen next. 
— Roger Federer saying there are no clear favorites for the Australian Open Grand Slam this year / January 14, 2012
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 It was nice to have some time off after the Davis Cup in Australia. I felt like I had to get away a little bit and take care of a few things. Now my body is ready and I'm looking forward to this week in Basel. 
— Roger Federer is looking forward to play in Swiss Indoors Basel / October 29, 2011

 Well, honestly, I feel very well. I think I move very well. I'm never stressed. If there is a ball that you miss, it's just because the other one played it very well, and not because I made a mistake or I played bad tennis on the return, on my serve. That's why I'm very happy at the moment with my game. 
— Roger Federer is satisfied with his form ahead of the French Open final against Nadal / June 04, 2011
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 I still think I've had a great six months. I feel like I'm playing really good tennis, and right now Novak is just a bit better than the rest. And that's okay. I've gone through phases like this on multiple occasions with Rafa, with Murray, with even Agassi and Hewitt and Roddick and so forth. It's just something that's part of the game. 
— Roger Federer is not worried to be at No. 3 in the ATP World Rankings / March 23, 2011