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Swiss Tennis player


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 There is a lot of speculation about that. I want the chance to win Wimbledon again and that is my goal this year. Andy is an excellent player and prior to finals he has always beaten me. I don't want to take anything away from him or make an excuse, but he played me when I have had back problems which made it hard for me to play my best game. But he played me in the right way and was successful against me because he is a great tactician and he will be a great grass player in the future. 
— Roger Federer on a possible Wimbledon final clash with Andy Murray / June 30, 2009
 I am very down to earth and not going to say I am (the greatest). It definitely feels great being part of such an elite group. 
— Roger Federer refusing to get carried away with people calling him the greatest of all time / June 30, 2009
 What stands out to me, is that I've beaten him so many times that it gives me an incredible amount of confidence, knowing that if I do play my game well, I should be fine, 
— Roger Federer on playing Robin Soderling in the fourth round at the Wimbledon 2009 / June 28, 2009
 It's going to be interesting to see how he's going to enter that match after coping with such a long tournament in Paris and see how fresh he still is. But I've played him here in the past, and I've played him on grass a few times now. Yeah, I'm definitely got to be ready for that match. 
— Roger Federer on playing Robin Soderling in the fourth round at the Wimbledon 2009 after playing him in the final of the French Open a couple of weeks ago / June 28, 2009
 It's fun playing in front of a crowd that's so respectful towards every point you play. If it's an error, they don't like to really applaud it too much. 
— Roger Federer having fun playing infront of Wimbledon crowd / June 23, 2009

 I asked him how his knee was. He was, like, 'It's OK.' So I kind of knew it wasn't great, because he's very honest to me, So I knew something could be coming up. 
— Roger Federer on the chat with Rafael Nadal / June 20, 2009
 I shouldn't deserve it this year because Rafa deserves it (as champion) but I am obviously very honoured that the championships chose me again to open the tournament, 
— Roger Federer on playing the first match on Centre court at 2009 Wimbledon / June 20, 2009
 We played the last three years against each other here at Wimbledon, So we definitely won't see the same final again. That's disappointing for me, of course, because I'd love to play him. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal not playing at 2009 Wimbledon / June 20, 2009
 He's my main rival. We've had some wonderful matches over the years, and especially the one here last year was the one that obviously stands out. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal / June 20, 2009
 That we can't potentially repeat that is obviously sad. I'm also sad for him because it must have been a very difficult decision to make. 
— Roger Federer on not playing Rafael Nadal in 2009 Wimbledon after 3 consecutive Wimbledon final matches / June 20, 2009