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Roger Federer Quotes

Swiss Tennis player


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 In a four hour match you're always going to go through good times and bad times and those were the bad times but you have to be able to turn those around. 
— Roger Federer / July 06, 2009
 I get inspiration from Tiger (Woods) and from Michael Jordan who was one of my childhood heroes, Also Michael Schumacher as well, he was at the top for so long. I always get inspired by guys who did something at the highest of levels for such a long time and who are true champions and great ambassadors for their sport. 
— Roger Federer on his inspirations / July 06, 2009
 You had an unbelievable tournament, Andy, Don't be too sad. I went through some rough ones as well. This is only one final, but I know it hurts. Andy is going to come back and win. 
— Roger Federer to Andy Roddick after winning the Wimbledon 2009 / July 05, 2009
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 It's fantastic, because definitely, when you lose No. 1, you never know if you're ever going to return to it, I always thought it was easier staying No. 1 than getting there. 
— Roger Federer on regaining No. 1 ranking / July 05, 2009
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 I thought I had to play my very, very best to come through 
— Roger Federer on winning the Wimbledon 2009 / July 05, 2009

 It was frustrating at times because I couldn't break until right at the very end. The satisfaction is maybe bigger this time because I couldn't control the match at all. 
— Roger Federer after defeating Andy Roddick in the final of Wimbledon 2009 / July 05, 2009
 I don't think it should... I'm just happy I did it by winning the tournament, not just by him not playing. 
— Roger Federer on becoming World No. 1 by winning Wimbledon 2009 and not by Rafael Nadal not playing the tournament / July 05, 2009
 I said hello to him, which is unusual, But I thought, I don't want to be rude, you know. 
— Roger Federer saying hello to Pete Sampras in the final of Wimbledon 2009 / July 05, 2009
 I came up with some good shots today. It is nice to get here. As a kid I never thought I would get all these records. 
— Roger Federer on reaching the final at Wimbledon 2009 / July 03, 2009
 Tommy was playing extremely well. I knew the danger. I am happy with my performance. This is just another great opportunity to get into history. It is extraordinary. 
— Roger Federer on beating Tommy Haas in the semifinals to play in his seventh straight Wimbledon final / July 03, 2009