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Sachin Tendulkar Quotes

Right-hand Indian Batsman, Captain of Mumbai Indian Cricket team


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is an Indian cricketer widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He is the leading run-scorer and century maker in Test and One Day International cricket. In 2002, Wisden ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, next to Donald Bradman, and the second greatest one day international (ODI) batsman of all time, next to Viv Richards. In September 2007, the Australian leg spinner Shane Warne rated Tendulkar as the greatest player he has played with or against. Tendulkar was the only player of the current generation to be included in Bradman's Eleven. He is sometimes referred to as Little Master or Master Blaster.

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 (If I had not become a cricketer) maybe, I would have become a tennis player. Maybe, I would have won a grand slam. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 2009
 I have enjoyed every moment of it (cricket career). The passion to play remains. Getting injured can be a part of your sporting career, but I am grateful to God that I have managed to stay fit most of the time. I take pride in having played with some wonderful cricketers. Playing for India has been a great privilege indeed. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / November 2009
 I am not pleased yet with what I have done... Sunil Gavaskar has told me that I have to get to 15,000 runs. He said he would be angry with me and would come and catch me if I didn't. I admire him so much and to score that many would be a terrific achievement, but that is not the only aim. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / August 2009
 I always play in pain, all the time. I played with a broken finger for the last three months, but you know when pain is manageable or not, and most of the time I can do it... I can still do what I did when I was 25 but the body is changing, so your thought process has to change too. I have had to change how I think, which is about taking less risk. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / August 2009
 It is only his opinion; John Buchanan doesn't have to be right all the time. If I couldn't handle short deliveries, then I wouldn't still be scoring runs... Maybe he needs to change his opinion. There must be something very wrong with all the bowlers around the world that they have allowed me to score so many runs. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on John Buchanan saying Sachin is susceptible to the short ball early in his innings because of a lack of footwork. / August 2009

 I would say Virender Sehwag comes closest to my style. 
— Sachin Tendulkar / August 2009
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 I will know when it is the right time, I won't have to be dragged away. I am the person who will make the decision and I will know whether I still belong. 
— Sachin Tendulkar saying he hasn't thought about retiring yet / August 2009
 It's a scary thought. It has been there for my whole adult life, it will be difficult, I have been around for a long time, I can imagine when I finish I will long to face just 10 more balls but you have to move. 
— Sachin Tendulkar on the thought of retiring / August 2009
 I feel there are very high emotions among the people when they react. But do these reactions help us to play better? not really. These actually put more pressure on the players. We have got to be mature and be with the team 
— Sachin Tendulkar urging fans to react with responsibility on India's loss in the 2009 World Cup / June 17, 2009
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 No one can change the past but always can learn from it and do better in future. I think, We should react to the success and failures with lot of responsibility and balance. If we do that it becomes easier for everyone 
— Sachin Tendulkar on India not qualifying for the semis in the 2009 Twenty20 World Cup / June 17, 2009