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Selena Gomez Quotes

American actress and singer best known for her role in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Emmy Award winning Disney Channel Original Series, Wizards of Waverly Place. She has starred in the television movies, Another Cinderella Story and Princess Protection Program.

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 Before I go on stage, I drink olive oil. It’s disgusting, but it’s good for your throat. Then I grab my band and we do vocal warm ups and dance. After that, we put our hands together and say a little prayer. 
— Selena Gomez drinks olive oil before she gets on the stage / September 19, 2010
 I’m still looking for someone who is crazy about me — who treats me like a princess! Love is a big issue when you’re a teenager. In fact, it’s the most important thing in the whole world. 
— Selena Gomez / September 15, 2010
 I’m 18, but I feel like I’m still 15. I feel very young at heart, and I still want to jump up and down on my bed singing and rocking out. You never really know when you’re in love at this age. I don’t know what love is. 
— Selena Gomez doesn't know what love is / September 08, 2010
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 I would like someone who is not cool and who is really fun to be around and loves family and has good morals, 
— Selena Gomez on her ideal boyfriend / September 08, 2010
 I’m not just going to slap my name on something. I want to be really passionate about everything I do, so it’s all about timing. 
— Selena Gomez on how she choose projects to work / September 08, 2010

 Everybody was so competitive. We were genuinely fighting so it was really fun. It was cold in Vancouver at the time. It was still early Spring and we were kind of freezing. I’m surprised nobody got sick. I think Josh’s side won because he went completely overboard with it. Guys are just way more competitive. 
— Selena Gomez got into a water fight with Josh Duhamel while shooting for her new movie Ramona and Beezus / July 21, 2010
 Last time I wore high heels next to him, he asked me to take them off because he didn’t want to be shorter than me. I was laughing and going ‘No, I’m not going to take them off, you’re not going to make me take my shoes off!’ 
— Selena Gomez saying Justin Bieber wanted her to remove her heels off when standing next to him / July 14, 2010
 I’m happy that is all in the past now. I’m very much single, I’m dating myself now — I think if you don’t love yourself first, no one else will love you. 
— Selena Gomez on her relationship with Nick Jonas / May 06, 2010
 I love music, but acting is where I started and what I enjoy the most, 
— Selena Gomez enjoys acting the most / May 06, 2010
 You always get nervous when you meet an actor you really respect. But Nicole is amazing. She’s so funny. I can’t wait to start shooting. 
— Selena Gomez was nervous meeting Nicole Kidman for the first time / May 06, 2010