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Selena Gomez Quotes

American actress and singer best known for her role in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Emmy Award winning Disney Channel Original Series, Wizards of Waverly Place. She has starred in the television movies, Another Cinderella Story and Princess Protection Program.

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 I don’t think it’s the hair, he’s got game, he knows what he’s doing – yes, he does, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s a very sweet kid and he loves his fans, and I think that’s why he is Justin Bieber. 
— Selena Gomez insists Bieber's hair is not the reason for his success / October 08, 2010
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 We both have that same mentality. We do get stopped but it’s just part of the job. We make a point of going out and doing normal things; it’s not going to stop us from being teens. 
— Selena Gomez made a pact with Taylor Swift to stay normal in an effort to fight against the negative outcome of fame / September 29, 2010
 I’m going to be Katy Perry for Halloween. ’m going to have the blue hair and the ice cream outfit she did. It’s going to be awesome. 
— Selena Gomez is going to be Katy Perry this Halloween / September 24, 2010
 When I hear people say things about her in the press, they’re like, ‘she doesn’t really do anything’ and that’s so not true. She’s one of the most loving, hardworking people I’ve ever met. She signs for all her fans and I really look up to that. She came to my Sweet 16. She’s just a really nice person. That whole family is. 
— Selena Gomez hates it when people call Kim Kardashian lazy / September 21, 2010
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 I don’t look at my schedule because I would freak out, It looks like a lot on paper and it really is a lot. But it’s a whole lot of what I love. I just did a tour in Europe and it was really hectic. Every time I got in the car, I would ask my mom, ‘What’s next — fans or business?’ 
— Selena Gomez rarely looks at her schedule because it's jam packed / September 21, 2010

 It makes you really paranoid. It’s not like ‘Cut — that’s a wrap!’ and you can continue to be a normal person. You have to continue to be on. It’s scary that you constantly have to be looking around. My mom always reminds me, that if this isn’t fun anymore, then I shouldn’t do it. 
— Selena Gomez saying twitter has made her paranoid / September 21, 2010
 I’ve worked on this record for a year and a couple of months now, so I’m really happy just to get it out. [But] I’m really nervous, I just want it to be out already. 
— Selena Gomez is nervous about releasing her second album "A Year Without Rain" / September 20, 2010
 It’s been hard, it’s been really tricky. The show has been great, they’ve always been so supportive of everything. 
— Selena Gomez found it difficult to find time to record her second album "A Year Without Rain" / September 20, 2010
 Taylor [Swift] has helped me through some really hard times, we talk every single day. It’s kind of amazing that someone like her, who has sold millions of records, is still humble. 
— Selena Gomez got help from pal Taylor Swift / September 20, 2010
 I don’t ask for anything too fancy, just some tea. And I usually have lemons and pickles — I really love salty and sour things. I always like to have my favorite boots, too. They are very important as I wear them for all my shows — I haven’t fallen over in them yet. 
— Selena Gomez is not a diva / September 19, 2010