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Singer and Songwriter


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 I’ve written all the songs on it about things that have happened over the last two years, and a lot has happened over the last two years. It’s been very eventful, a lot of adventures and misadventures. I have a lot fun doing this and getting to write songs about what happens in my life, but putting it all out there in your music — all the details — you’re taking a chance with that because you are very vulnerable. 
— Taylor Swift saying she feels vulnerable when she listens to the lyrics of her heartbreak songs / September 30, 2010
 My place is pretty insane, My philosophy was just ‘Why not?’ So why not make it like a pirate ship? The ceiling is like the sky at night and I guess it is just very artsy and I didn’t really want to make it like a condo. I just wanted to make it like a playhouse. I like it and that’s the main thing. 
— Taylor Swift decorated her new home like a play house / September 27, 2010
 All I do on my days off is bake. I like to try out making different things. I have such a raging social life! 
— Taylor Swift / September 18, 2010
 Just saw Easy A. Easily, definitely, absolutely my new favorite movie. 
— Taylor Swift in a tweet message / September 13, 2010
 I put in a fireplace, a flip-down treadmill and a really comfortable bed. I feel like I’m home whenever I’m on my tour bus. 
— Taylor Swift has a fireplace on her bus / May 16, 2010

 Sometimes I feel like I lead a double life. One minute I’ll be negotiating a contract and the next I’ll be at home with my friends. It’s always been like that, even at school. I went to class, studied for tests and had crushes on boys, and then after school I’d go downtown to Music Row in Nashville and write songs. 
— Taylor Swift feels like she is leading a double life / May 09, 2010
 I do have days where I just don’t want to get out of bed because there’s so much to do but they don’t happen very often. The pressure never really gets to me. I’ve always loved there being a little bit of pressure on me to succeed. I thrive on that. 
— Taylor Swift saying she never crumbles under stress / May 09, 2010
 My heart goes out to them and everyone there is in my thoughts and prayers. I’ve already spoken to some other artists about doing something to help. Maybe a benefit concert or something. We’re trying to make that happen. 
— Taylor Swift donated $500k for Nashville residents who were hit by recent flooding / May 07, 2010
 Being at home during the storm, I honestly could not believe what was happening to the city and the people I love so dearly. Nashville is my home, and the reason why I get to do what I love. I have always been proud to be a Nashvillian, but especially now, seeing the love that runs through this city when there are people in crisis. 
— Taylor Swift is raising money to help the Nashville residents who were hit by recent flooding / May 07, 2010
 I’m a big people-watcher. When I see a girl walking down the street wearing a really cool necklace or an outfit that’s put together in a way I wouldn’t have thought of, it’s inspiring to me. Also, girls come through my meet and greet lines every night wearing dresses or outfits I love. That’s really my favorite way to be inspired by fashion. 
— Taylor Swift is a big people watcher / May 04, 2010