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The Last Song is an upcoming American coming-of-age drama film. The movie was developed alongside the Nicholas Sparks novel by the same name. The Last Song was directed by Julie Anne Robinson in her feature film directorial debut and co-written by Sparks and Jeff Van Wie. The Last Song stars Miley Cyrus (Veronica "Ronnie" Miller), Greg Kinnear (Steve Miller), Kelly Preston (Kim), Liam Hemsworth (Will Blakelee) and Bobby Coleman (Jonah Miller) star in the movie.

The Last Song (Movie)

The Last Song (Movie) Info

CountryUnited States
Director(s)Julie Anne Robinson
Producer(s)Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot, Dara Weintraub (Co-producer), Tish Cyrus (Executive)
Writer(s)Nicholas Sparks, Jeff Van Wie
CastMiley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear
MusicAaron Zigman
CinematographyJohn Lindley
EditorsNancy Richardson
StudioOffspring Entertainment
Distributor(s)Touchstone Pictures
Release date(s)2010-03-31
Running time107 minutes
Budget$20 million
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{ Quotes from the Movie }

 Veronica "Ronnie" Miller: Stop smiling like that. It's creeping me out.
Steve Miller: Is my smile creepy?
Jonah: Let's see it.
Jonah: Kinda.
 Veronica "Ronnie" Miller: I'd probably talk about this with a girlfriend, if I had one here, but I don't.
Steve Miller: Oh, do you want to talk?
Veronica "Ronnie" Miller: Yeah.
Steve Miller: Let's talk.
 Kim: We make mistakes, we're not perfect - any of us. 
 Will Blakelee: No one's made me feel like you do, Ronnie. 
 Mother: When did you become so mellow?
Steve Miller: As soon as I got out of New York City.

 Steve Miller: Your sister just got kissed. It's all over her face.
Veronica "Ronnie" Miller: No it's not.
Steve Miller: You got kissed. Hey, she was kissed - take a good look!
Veronica "Ronnie" Miller: No, no.
 Jonah: We'd better maintain visual contact. 
 Will Blakelee: The word is you're from New York. So what are you doing down here?
Veronica "Ronnie" Miller: My mom shipped me and my brother to my dad's for the summer.
 Jonah: Did you and Mom ever think about getting back together?
Steve Miller: Your mom's about to get married.
Jonah: So? You have dibs. You married her first.